How to walk on walls

Hey you guys, it’s Ompaloompa64! I’m going to tell you how to walk on walls. This is the first, and more simple way.

1. Go to the lighthouse.

2. Stand between the row boat and crates on the left side of your screen.

3. Click on the door and quickly click on the staircase that is above the door.

4. You are now walking on walls, click on the ground and staircase above the door to maintain walking.

 This is the second way, (a little more difficult.)

1. Stand against the wall below the staircase.

2. Constantly press the + sign and constantly click at the same time. (Click on the staircase above the door.)

3. If you aren’t doing it at first, keep trying! It takes practice!

4. You can also do this from the staircase down to the floor.

5. To maintain, do the same thing as the first way.

   Now you are a wall walker!!


3 Responses to How to walk on walls

  1. johnnywup says:

    do the second way while clikin the end of the lightbulb in the beacon

  2. darkpanther says:

    does this trick work on any building??

  3. darkpanther says:

    its not working the second thing…GRRRR

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