CPer Artwork!

Hey, it’s Ompaloompa64! I haven’t had any suggestions to be a CPer!? Thats sad. If you want artwork done me or Cubskick277, you can add a comment that says when you want to meet, and where, and I’ll take a picture of you!! I put it into artwork kind of like this…


This is me and Cubskick277, but I’ll put two of you in, with blank spots on the other area! COMMENT NOW!!!


14 Responses to CPer Artwork!

  1. todd says:

    can i join your guys Team or group plz

  2. todd says:

    tssouthpark on aim is my sn

  3. Sure Todd, we’ll think about it! We’ll E-Mail u with the results!

  4. Actually todd we just need to know when we can meet u on cp

  5. We’ll put you on, if you tell us where to meet and your club penguin nam!!

  6. Congrats on being the first commenter on my brand new site!!

  7. todd says:

    in breeze in 5 minutes at the lighthouse outside of it

  8. todd says:

    i am Lil Lang
    on CP

  9. todd says:

    breeze is in the 3rd flag

  10. todd says:

    whats your aim

  11. Hey Lil Lang! It’s Ompaloompa64!

    Well, Lil Lang, I need to ask you a favor! I would like you to tell other people about my site, so more people go to it! PLZ!

  12. icyfresh35 says:

    hey dude meet at breeze,breeze is in the 3rd flag my thing is sundine on cp

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