Green Party

Hey everyone!! It’s Ompaloompa64 here. Great news!! A lime green member party has just been thrown in the dojo!!! You can get the new color in the giant paint bucket, (lime). There is also a new bonus item, a green cape!!! GO GREEN!!

Hello, it’s Cubskick277 speaking. Here’s a photo from the awesome lime green party at the bottom of the page!!!! There was some controversy the other day at the party about some certain words used that were disguised. They were said by Icyfresh2, not to be confused with the very real, Icy Fresh 2. Icyfresh2 was banned [as rumor says]. He said some very rude and racial comments that I will not repeat. Anyone that wants to try a stunt like him will be reported to  a moderator and most definitely banned. 

Take a look at this photo.

Click to enlarge: 



4 Responses to Green Party

  1. Numskull2000 says:

    I love Lime Green too!

  2. Boobie says:

    Im so pissed i dint get into dat party

  3. racer spacer says:

    when was that?

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