How To Put Items On Walls

Hullo, it’s Ompaloomp64! I’m going to tell you how to put items on the wall!

1. Go to your igloo and open your item storage.

2.  If an item is made for the ground and is in the box against the wall like this…

item_on_wall.JPG <———— Click to enlarge!

you click on it and don’t move it ANYWHERE!!

3. Right click were your item is being held.

4. Double click on the “Done” measure tape icon on the bottom left part of you screen. *

5. Your item is on the wall. **

*If your item is floating, leave and come back to your igloo. Practice makes perfect!

**If your item is a wall item, you can do the same thing on the ground


10 Responses to How To Put Items On Walls

  1. hock3yfr3ak7 says:

    HEY how do u get the pic. from club penguin
    either email me at or go to my blog and comment

  2. hock3yfr3ak7 says:

    i no how do u do it?


  4. Too Beastly says:

    I told u how 2 do dat

  5. hock3yfr3ak7 says:

    where is the function button

  6. icesurvivor says:

    i have a windows and it can’t do it. l0l i think i need to have an apple. My dad has an apple.

  7. CPA NINJA says:

    it doesn’t work

  8. redster cool says:

    this is really togh

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