Ahoy! Rockhopper’s Ship Arrives!!!

Today, Friday, December 8, Rockhopper and his somewhat expected new red crew, arrived! The new puffles, (you can buy these in the pet shop.) With his arival, came new rare items. To view

these items, click on the picture   ———->rare_itmes.JPG
The new itmes are a nice addition for the holidays.


6 Responses to Ahoy! Rockhopper’s Ship Arrives!!!

  1. darkpanther says:

    im the first one!

  2. Ompaloompa64 says:

    no this is better

    i can turn the mod sign on and off

  3. chris says:

    yoooooooo :mrgreen:

  4. awsome84 says:

    find me on alpine i have a bad igloo case my friend 👿

  5. peguin5362 says:

    COME ON! where are the real cheats like icyfresh had?!?!?!

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