The Ultimate Cheat

I’ve been wondering…what do you think is the Ultimate Cheat. I know a good one, it makes you talk in Safe-Chat worlds! What is your ultimate cheat??


13 Responses to The Ultimate Cheat

  1. i also know how 2 get an everlasting mebership

  2. im not gunna do it beacause il probally get banned forever

  3. Too Beastly says:

    My cheat is problebly the cheat where u get doubled money but it would problebly get u banned forever

  4. yomomma768 says:

    how do u talk reguale in ultimate chat? ompa go to mammoth

  5. happyree says:

    i know a cheat you can curse in your igloo and wont get banned

  6. never hack unless u no its safe!

  7. johnnywup says:

    how do you talk in safe chat worlds?


  9. top it says:


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