New Club Penguin Furniture Catalog

Here’s where the new secret items in the furniture catalog are!!!

christmasfuriture_woodstove.JPG                        christmasfuriture_bigscreen.JPG


5 Responses to New Club Penguin Furniture Catalog

  1. TRAVIS says:


  2. TRAVIS says:


  3. lilly10110 says:

    if you wanna know all of my cheats then go to
    you will see a girl wearing red hocky stuff go up to her and say 123 and i will tell you all of the cheats i know. ps. Remember GO RED!!!

  4. Anne droid says:

    lilly10110 can we plese meet agin saturday the 17th ill meet u at the dojo at 9 in morning ill be saying lilly10110 rules kk p.s my name on cp is Anne droid thx

  5. lilly10110 says:

    anne droid i dont know if you still are on here but i would be happy to see you
    go to mammoth
    at the dojo
    at 6:00 not CP standerd time

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