Some Cool Old Party Snapshots

I got some cool snapshots of some old partys! There both from Billybob, Gizmo, Screenhog, Happy77, Rsnails and the rest of the Club Penguin team!

sports_party1.jpg<—–Click to Enlarge

If any of you guys remember the Sports Party, it was great. They handed out the Ice Skates and the red and blue Face Paint! There was updates all around town, it was a great week, (or two.)

summer_party.jpgClick to Enlarge

This party was a while ago, the Summer Party. If you were there you must have the Blue Lei, the Water Wings, the Rubber Ducky, and the Whistle. There was MAJOR updates around Club Penguin and you could find some pretty cool stuff happening. I miss that party the most of all. 


3 Responses to Some Cool Old Party Snapshots

  1. yomomma768 says:

    ompaloompa, ,does that same summer party happen every year?

  2. awsome84 says:

    i bet :mrgreen:

  3. Free Willy says:

    i hope they dont bring back the stuff if theres another 😦

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