How To Walk To The Top Of Your Screen

1. Go to the Mountian

2. Walk torward the Bunnyhill race. While your walking, open the map.

3. Race for a little, then go somewhere from the map.

4. Press “W” and you will walk torward the newpaper icon!

5. To maintain, click on the ground to head back down, and click “W” to start heading back up!

After doing this walking to the sky, you must log out before you can do it again.

See me walking on the Coffee Shop below!!


NOTICE: You can’t do this in some rooms! 😦


14 Responses to How To Walk To The Top Of Your Screen

  1. bears789 says:

    hi am now cubskicks buddy and ompaloompa64s buddy

  2. yomomma768 says:

    yo ompaloompa please note this tell the people in your posts that u can do that sy cheat in igloos i did it in your igloo earlier to prove it.

    bye gtg
    Merry Christmas Ompaloompa64 And Cubskick277

  3. Ice Survivor says:

    you can also walk in the lightbulb by doing that.

  4. Ice Survivor says:

    I’m reffering to the last comment i did on this post. Go to the beacon. Press w ( or any key on your keyboard). Go up in the sky. Click back down on the florr. Go to the front of the lightbulb. Press w (or any key on your keyboard) again. You Should go in the lightbulb. 😉

  5. Dan124 says:

    post videos if how to walk on walls in clubpenguin and not the light house walls

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