Copyright Information

I don’t like copiers and I deffenitly don’t like them coping our work! Ethier find your own information or give Ompaloompa64 and Cubskick277 full credit! Im serious about this!!


10 Responses to Copyright Information

  1. We’ve already had some copiers

  2. we’ve only fixed one of those problems

  3. Ice Survivor says:

    hey! you should put up

  4. Ice Survivor says:

    sorry I meant you should put up ©opyright info on your site in the widgets like most sites do.

  5. Ice Survivor says:

    i dont even let ppl copy my copyright or about me info. Because ppl do that to me. Just because my site is the best to them.

  6. ok i just did but how to you make that Copyright sign?

  7. Ice Survivor says:

    ok i dont know how to on a pc. But on a mac, you press on the flag in the top right corner and press show character pallet. And theres tons of stuff.

  8. its not a legal copyright
    theres nothing legally wrong with copying
    to legally copyright you have to talk to someone in congress or something

  9. Ice Survivor says:

    yeah. Its not like the president will come to your house and arrest the copier. Its just nice to know that you have copyright up.

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