New Catalog

There is a brand new catalog with some pretty cool stuff in it!

If you want the viking helmet click on the brown spot of the paint can [on the first page]! If you want the BLUE viking helmet open and close the viking helmet window four times! The magenta scarf is on the blue jersey’s numbers! Also, if you buy the matador’s outfit, you can do a special dance!


5 Responses to New Catalog

  1. Boobie says:

    u should’nt really tell people where the pin is.
    It shood be a complete secret for them to find out for themselves. I am verry dissapointed

  2. irufsadf says:

    Frat s,kadlglgg

  3. irufsadf says:


  4. top it says:

    it is eazy to find them

  5. feedurpuffle says:

    did any here ever here of the puffle police well i heared that it saves puffle that dont get fedd on cp and that some kids are fighting for a pufflr rehabilatation center and listen to this they might get it so if you ever see a penguin that says its part of the puffle police dont lagh just go home and feed ur puffles because they mean bissness.
    oh ya and did i forget to tell you i run the puffle police so if you want to jion the puffle poliice just email me at and ill tell you all about it.

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