New Pin

The new pin is located under the piano in the Pizza Parlar. It is an apple.


12 Responses to New Pin

  1. Croc67 says:

    Wow. i really like this site… just one Q. how do u become a clupenguiner.


  2. meet me Cubskick277on clubpenguin

  3. top it says:

    click on my name to go on clubpenguin.

  4. yomomma768 says:

    Ompaloompa, Just Heads Up! You Spelled Parlor Wrong Its Spelled Parlor Not Parlar and maybe that wasnt u who spelled it and maybe it was cubskick but i just wanted u to know!

  5. bested one says:

    hey jow are u doing club penguin is ok but i just like it because of the penguis

  6. bested one says:

    i love club penguin

  7. feedurpuffle says:

    did any here ever here of the puffle police well i heared that it saves puffle that dont get fedd on cp and that some kids are fighting for a pufflr rehabilatation center and listen to this they might get it so if you ever see a penguin that says its part of the puffle police dont lagh just go home and feed ur puffles because they mean bissness.
    oh ya and did i forget to tell you i run the puffle police so if you want to jion the puffle poliice just email me at and ill tell you all about it.

  8. serena says:

    where is the new pin for april 12th

  9. serena says:

    where is the new pin for april 12th???

  10. reda says:

    please i not a member i not have just one free item wheres the free items?

  11. connie !!! says:

    theres no apple under the piano duh !!!

  12. joejoe5000 says:

    wheres the new pin

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