Poll Ends Tomorrow!

The puffles poll will end tomorrow! So vote up!


9 Responses to Poll Ends Tomorrow!

  1. I wnat to have a yelow puffle

  2. will there be some new puffles.

  3. Numskull2000 says:

    I like Flag and Dark Blue

  4. Lkjjjj says:

    Same as Numskull2000

  5. Cookie10188 says:


  6. Silly Billy says:

    Dark Blue,Dark Blue

  7. Bonnie says:

    i like all of the puffles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. feedurpuffle says:

    did any here ever here of the puffle police well i heared that it saves puffle that dont get fedd on cp and that some kids are fighting for a pufflr rehabilatation center and listen to this they might get it so if you ever see a penguin that says its part of the puffle police dont lagh just go home and feed ur puffles because they mean bissness.
    oh ya and did i forget to tell you i run the puffle police so if you want to jion the puffle poliice just email me at dixiecup9@verizon.net and ill tell you all about it.

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