Fun Pictures!

These are all my favorite pictures!!   😀

Really Old Penguin


Super Elf


Wilderness Survival Medal


Lime Green Party

Go Green!

Attack of the Puffles


Rock Climbing


The Emotional Pizzas


Really Wierd Glitch


The New Snow Globe Igloo


Mullet the Fish


Winning Bean Counters


You thought I couldn’t get 500 coins cart surfing!!!



173 Responses to Fun Pictures!

  1. yomomma768 says:

    ompaloompa how do you take pictures of other penguins like that if u get a chance please tell me

  2. If you have a Apple mac u press…

    Shift+Apple+4 and u get a scope hightlight what u wants

    If you have a windows like me…

    The Windows Flag Button (or Fn) + alt + print screen

    Print screen is at the top of ur keboard

    Then go into Paint or Photoshop of Microsoft word and press Ctrl+V and u got it

  3. icesurvivor says:

    i have a new computer and i cant get on microsoft word.

  4. pigz106 says:

    but how do u get the picks onto the site?

  5. awsome84 says:

    how do you get on the lit up house?

  6. pigz106 says:

    How do u get the pictures ON ur site?

  7. go to FAQS and it tells u anything

  8. kingfood says:

    how did you get on the light house walls?

  9. icesurvivor says:

    im still working on my pics

  10. Shrimp 2000 says:

    how do u post those pictures and how do u get to FAQS

  11. yomomma768 says:

    how do u walk in my igloo on my walls like when u walked up my fireplace???? please tell me ompaloompa i cant seem to find the post that tells u how to do that exactly or if u know its for sure posted please tell me how to get to that post and its name.

    Thanks ompaloompa64 if u can do that!

  12. yomomma768 says:

    how do u walk in my igloo on my walls like when u walked up my fireplace???? please tell me ompaloompa i cant seem to find the post that tells u how to do that exactly or if u know its for sure posted please tell me how to get to that post and its name.

    Thanks ompaloompa if u can do that!

  13. yomomma768 says:

    how do u walk in my igloo on my walls like when u walked up my fireplace???? please tell me ompaloompa i cant seem to find the post that tells u how to do that exactly or if u know its for sure posted please tell me how to get to that post and its name.

    Thank you Ompaloompa64 if u can do that!

  14. yomomma768 says:

    its a very awesome site and everything but some stuff is very tricky to find like i cant find where and how it tells u how to walk on the outside of the lighthouse (on the building itself)and i cant find how u walked on the mine outside walls if u could tell me that on this post that qould be helpful cuz its a little hard to find the actual post that tells u i just like it on here because its one of ur maine posts

  15. kingfood says:

    plz tell us how to walk on the lighthouse walls on the beach?
    or e-mail me at tecnofire@sbcglobal.netits exactly right I checked it 100000000000 times

  16. kingfood says:

    i mean

    thats the e-mail so tell em how
    and what do you mean by Hacka?

  17. yomomma768 says:

    how did u get all that money from just earning eight points in a cart surfer? or whatever? if u get a chance please tell me.

  18. Ice Survivor says:

    hacking is everything. All the answers to your questions is hack.

  19. yomomma768 says:

    omp u can get banned forever if u hack

  20. yomomma768 says:

    Cheese rocks my socks off

  21. yomomma768 says:

    My real name is margarita

  22. hackin is really complicated

  23. i wouldn’t show my hacks on cp CUZ ILL GET BANNED

  24. yomomma768 says:

    who in the name of pearl would copy my name god???? you can get banned from cp if i tell this to someone

  25. yomomma768 says:

    yo ompaloompa get your membership back

  26. shrimp 2000 says:

    my real full name is johnny appleseed. i live in alaska

  27. yo ompaloompa64, well i live in russia you are right and my name is wierd Al Yankovic but actually i live right accross the street from u ompaloompa and i will come and spook u in the middle of the night.

  28. yomomma768 says:

    yo ompaloompa how do u post those club penguin pictures on your site if u get a chance could u plase tell me because u r my man 4 cheats

  29. 11hulk says:

    HELLO ompaloompa64 i forgot how to put pictures on ur blog since we r friends u can call me tell me at school email me or any thang else

  30. awsome84 says:

    😈 👿 :mrgreen:

  31. Radian5932 says:

    dohhhhhhh Cubskick277 whr is the faq and how do u make a word pressssssss??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ❓ howwwww 😥

  32. bears789 says:

    i have just became your buddy your so cool

  33. speedy955 says:

    i like cheese waffles

  34. pattle doo says:

    where did u get all these???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  35. Icy Fresh 2 says:

    Hey guys i am back!!

  36. Icy Fresh 2 says:

    This is really Icy Fresh 2 u guys and i am not banned anymore yay me

  37. really are you serious REALLY!

  38. Icy Fresh ur email address is differant from the old one

  39. yomomma768 says:

    Icy Fresh 2 make me be your bddy again u deleted me

  40. yomomma768 says:

    ompaloompa i know i sort of ask for a lot but im always very confused! well can u plase make a new post that explains how to walk on the outside of the mine or in the bulb at the beacon or if u dont want to make a new post then can u tell me how to get to the post that tells u becuase cubskick277 told me that to look on your site and it tells but think that was a very old post so can u please post how to walk on outside of mine walls or how to walk on outside of lighthouse opr how to walk in that bulb in the beacon and if u arent in the mood just tell me how to get to the part in the site where it tells u cuz i need u to tell me step by step how to get into the part that it tells you

    Thanks alot ompaloompa64 and cubskick277 if u can tell me

  41. well thats not what its called but its on a post

  42. squgely says:

    i got ur picture oompa of u in ur igloo

  43. yomomma768 says:

    ompaloompa? u there ????

  44. Pat says:

    ice surivior wher can i meet u?

  45. Shrimp 2000 says:

    Hi, I love to wear flood pants

  46. yomomma768 says:

    \ wear glasses and i have braces=.

  47. Yomomma768 says:

    Yo ompaloompa64, this is really me i did not write that previous comment it was my weird brother shrimp 2000

  48. Yomomma768 says:

    please this is under copyright info- please do not use my cp name or any name of mine to write something stupid with it


  49. shrimp 2000 says:

    i did not write that about myself my dad did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$

  50. shrimp 2000 says:

    but its true about yomomma768 he does wear glasses

  51. yomomma768 says:

    hey ompaloompa im really trying to hekp u out here but i dont wear glasses and shrimp keeps spamming your site and tellin untrue stuff about me so i dont wear glasses

  52. yomomma768 says:

    how did u get that picture of u and cubskcik together in it i dont want to copy u but in just curius

  53. yomomma768 says:

    gtg bye go on club penguin tomorrow afternoon.

  54. i really dont care if u wear glasses

  55. unless thats an inside joke, i dont care

  56. a lot of people have glasses and braces and theyr not losers

  57. Shrimp 2000, thats not a nice thing to say about ur bro
    even if it doesn’t mean anything

  58. i have grills and wear 80’s glasses

  59. yomomma768 says:

    lol, hey ompaloompa i got u like 21000 coins so far so by tomoroow mornin u wilk probably have 29, thousand or 3000 or somthing at lease very close to those numbers,

    P.S im being very honest here i dont wear nor glasses or braces ok ompaloompa? if u see any weird comment about me its a 99.9% chance its not me writing in all that dumb spam its going to eaither be shrimp or someone else making fun!..
    last thing here, i will not provide this info anywhere i promise but how do u hack because i want to know but im not going to hack at all.

  60. miley says:

    how do you save pics off cp????

  61. yomomma768 says:

    ompaloompa, i dont want you to feel prevented from going on your file because im getting you coins, to me it doesnt matter if u r on your file whenever im getting u coins or whenever u want ok? just dont feel prevented from going on your file

  62. Ompaloompa64 says:

    its just cause i want the coins

    but i want 2 play 2

    its a desicon 2 make

  63. Ompaloompa64 says:

    but i can do other things

  64. yomomma768 says:


  65. Ompaloompa64 says:

    Yomomma get me coins until i have like 23000 okay? if u can i would apprecate it

  66. yomomma768 says:

    hey dude whats your email address the one used for windows messenger

  67. Ompaloompa64 says:

    lets talk on ur site

  68. yomomma768 says:

    sure i will get u that much i have no issue doing that man i love getting u coins i could just keep getting u coins forever and ever

  69. Ompaloompa64 says:

    lets talk on your website

  70. Ompaloompa64 says:

    the members passwords page

  71. yomomma768 says:

    ok umm well whats your email address u used for windows messnger

  72. can we talk on your website?

  73. yomomma768 says:

    what section should we talk on in my site

  74. ummmm how about member passes

  75. yomomma768 says:

    ompaloompa u there it looks like u signed off cp

  76. Yomomma768 says:

    ompaloompa go on windows messenger now i will be on in like 10-15 more minutes

  77. crazytoucan says:

    GO TO WADLESWORTH1.WORDPRESS.COM for sum funny picks and go to there are more pics.these pics are okay but all u doing is print screenin and than cut and paste.make sum cool fun stuff.check it out

  78. doglog says:

    how do you complete bean counters?

  79. Croc67 says:

    some of these pictures are really good!! how do you take them with the print preveiw or a digital camera?

  80. nat wolf lover says:

    wow, how do you walk on walls like that?

  81. top it says:

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  82. Boolego says:

    how do you get sooo much on cart surfing !?!?!?

  83. Boolego says:

    Anser me how do you get sooo much coins in 1 game ❓

  84. Boolego says:

    dude are you going to anser please

  85. Boolego says:


  86. Cool Boy AL says:

    fast reflexes. I get over 500 coins every time i play 2.

  87. megan says:

    i luv the snow globe igloo and i didnt think u could get 500 coins on cart surfer. i only get 7. strange. lil chris rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. angel2468101 says:

    i have a mac computer so when i take the pic how do i see it?

  89. werfyvdoca says:

    Slumped c8wf backward, i was beautiful, knees. I loved the proper training would. The meal. The feeling c8w1 they like most teenage.

  90. Huixqui says:


  91. Paintboy100 says:

    Yomomma768 is banned Forever i’m his best friend and he haas been crying for 2 minutes

  92. feedurpuffle says:

    did any here ever here of the puffle police well i heared that it saves puffle that dont get fedd on cp and that some kids are fighting for a pufflr rehabilatation center and listen to this they might get it so if you ever see a penguin that says its part of the puffle police dont lagh just go home and feed ur puffles because they mean bissness.
    oh ya and did i forget to tell you i run the puffle police so if you want to jion the puffle poliice just email me at and ill tell you all about it.

  93. zxcv00101 says:

    hey! come to for an awsome cp blog with the latest ‘n’ greatest cp news!

  94. Bibingle says:

    HEY YOS! GO ON MY WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!

  95. aryrzuv says:

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  115. ugly says:

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  116. polamanu says:

    those arent funny

  117. Ashley says:

    I know it has nothing to do with this site, but does anyone know how to get club penguin money maker I need that money oh please someone tell me!

  118. tight says:

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  119. pussy says:

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  120. Pika 260 says:

    i thought this was about club penguin?????

  121. blackd boy47 says:

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  125. SuckerSpoon says:

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  128. jack12660 says:


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