How To Walk To The Top Of Your Screen

December 24, 2006

1. Go to the Mountian

2. Walk torward the Bunnyhill race. While your walking, open the map.

3. Race for a little, then go somewhere from the map.

4. Press “W” and you will walk torward the newpaper icon!

5. To maintain, click on the ground to head back down, and click “W” to start heading back up!

After doing this walking to the sky, you must log out before you can do it again.

See me walking on the Coffee Shop below!!


NOTICE: You can’t do this in some rooms! ūüė¶



December 23, 2006

This is a special post, I’m going to tell you how to get to all the Secrets/Cheats that have ever been posted on this site. On the bottom right of this website is the Blogroll. Under catagories in Blogroll is a link to Secrets/Cheats. Click on the link, and you will be taken to a page with only Secrets/Cheats. You may need to scroll down a bit to find what you want, but I’m sure it will be there.

Here is a picture of were you should click to get to Secrets/Cheats


If you don’t see what your looking for, you might want to click “Previous Entries,” if you still don’t find what your looking for, you should¬†tell us, and we will do¬†our best to post it!¬†

New Pin

December 22, 2006

The new pin is located in the Night Club, behind the speaker by the stairs.

This is what is looks like—->new_pin_candycane.JPG


December 22, 2006

Enjoy the huge mounds of snow and new items. The Santa hat is by the snow forts,


The santa beard is in the plaza, along with a huge tree,


Here are some more fun images from the begining hours of the Holiday Party:

redbeacon.JPG town_snowy.JPG

The Servers Are Empty!

December 22, 2006

Every single server ever is empty! LOOK BELOW!

¬†Click to Enlarge————->empty.JPG

Waiting For White Christmas Party!

December 22, 2006

¬†All I can expect for tommorow is… SWEET PARTY! The Club Penguin forcast says there will be major snowfall tomorrow with still a lot of sunlight.

Click to enlarge——->very_white_chirstmas.JPG

There will probally be the Santa hat and the red and green scarf and possibly something new! The party will be  starting on December 22 and ending on January 2!

Changed Igloo

December 19, 2006

Now that theres a new catalog I’ve changed my igloo! (Ompaloompa64)

Click to enlarge ——————> ompaloompa64_igloo_2.JPG